Friday, 28 May 2010

Improve Your Golf Swing, Improve Your Golf Game!

Improve Your Golf Swing, Improve Your Golf Game!

The rapid advancement in technology today is reaching out to all corners of the sports world. The performance of athletes in every sports venue can be vastly improved by this rapidly going technology. One of the world's oldest and still most popular games of all time is being drastically changed for the better with each year. That game is golf and the greatest way to improve your game is by improving your swing through video analysis.

Lessons to improve your golf swing with a professional golf instructor can greatly improve your game and swiftly drain your wallet! Swing analysis by your trained golf pro can only better your technique in proportion to his human ability to "catch" your every error and flaw in stance, swing, etc. It is impossible for him to see every second of the complex nuances involved in your individual stroke. Even with a video camera to record your every move, hundreds of hours would be required to slow down and re-watch all foot, hip, hand, head, etc. positions that need the smallest adjustments to bring your game from average to outstanding. Bring the world of technology to your game through golf swing analysis beyond your wildest imagination.

Video analysis software is now being produced by many different companies. A digital video camera and computer are the only required equipment. Have someone video your actual movement and run it through the analysis software to receive a detailed, technologically advanced evaluation of your golf swing. This examination will offer specific pointers to improve the areas of your swing that are not "perfect". The software will cover such swing mechanics as:

Ball Angle
Ball Speed
Club Head Speed
Proper Head Position
Proper Positioning of Hips
Proper Positioning of Knees
Proper Shaft Angle
Proper Spine Angle

A human golf pro can never keep track of all these areas at the same time for any given swing, that's impossible; but it's completely possible for swing analysis software! Every area of the core of your game will be analyzed and improved right before your very eyes on your computer screen. No guessing, no trial and error. Everything you do right and everything you do wrong will be explicitly evaluated and all appropriate recommendations given to you. It's a personalized swing perfection tool for you and your game. Just having the mirror image of what you do shown back to you may just do the trick.

For less than the cost of only three hours of "human" pro golf help you can have your own personal golf swing analyzer for every swing you have. Right in the privacy of your own home and back yard, your small investment in golf swing analysis software will permanently move your game from average to outstanding in no time. Remember, improve your golf swing, and drastically improve your game!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

How To Set Up a Golf Fitness Program to Improve Your Golf Game

How To Set Up a Golf Fitness Program to Improve Your Golf Game

Professional golfers on the PGA Tour understand the connection between golf swing mechanics and the body. The most notable players in the world have regimented golf fitness programs they adhere religiously too. The benefits of such programs have been well documented in the media. Press clippings from Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, and Phil Mickelson all refer to golf fitness exercises being a component of their regular practice schedule.

The amateur can learn a lot from the pros. They can learn the importance the body has in relation to the golf swing, how golf swing mechanics and the body are intertwined, and improvement in the golf game requires the implementation of a golf fitness program.

Where most amateurs get "off-track" with their golf fitness training is the components and exercises incorporated in such a program. Golf fitness programs are quite different then "general" fitness or "weight training" programs. A golf fitness program is designed to develop the golfer's body around the golf swing. In order for this to occur certain parameters and exercises are required in such a program.

First and foremost the amateur golfer must understand the connection between the golf swing and body. The golf swing is a complex series of biomechanical movements execute by the golfer. In order for the golfer to execute the biomechanics of the golf swing correctly. It is necessary for the golfer to have certain physical parameters well developed.

These physical parameters are flexibility, balance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and muscular power. High levels of flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power are required to execute the golf swing correctly. Often times the amateur golfer is not flexible enough, strong enough, or powerful enough to execute the golf swing correctly.

This results in the golfer developing compensation patterns in their golf swing. The result being poor shots and high scores on the golf course. Bottom line is a physical foundation of flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power is required to develop an efficient golf swing. If the amateur golfer is lacking in anyone of these categories the foundation upon which the golf swing is being built will be insufficient.

Once the amateur golfer understands the connection between the golf swing and the body it is necessary to implement a golf fitness program, A golf fitness program is different than "traditional" training programs in such this type of program develops the body around the golf swing.

A golf fitness program trains the body to the positions, movements, and requirements of the golf swing. A golf fitness program is not concern about "beach muscles" or how one looks in the mirror. Rather a golf fitness program has the primary goal of improving the scores on the golf course and play of the golfer.

This type of improvement is a result of using exercise to develop the physical parameters of the body relative to the golf swing. A golf fitness program will include flexibility exercises, balance drills, muscular strength exercise, endurance training modalities, and power drills. Exercises from all of these categories are included in a comprehensive golf fitness program.

Understand the exercises and drills within each of these categories are not necessarily traditional type of exercises. For example, flexibility exercises for golf are less concerned about touching your toes, and more concerned about completing a full shoulder turn. Flexibility exercises for golf are geared towards developing the flexibility within your body to execute the components of the golf swing correctly.

The same can be said about every other category of exercise and drill incorporated in a golf fitness program. The balance drills in a golf fitness program are designed to improve the golfer's balance capacities relative to the golf swing. Power exercises in a golf fitness program are designed to improve clubhead speed. Where as power drills in other programs may be geared towards improving how fast you run.

Once the amateur golfer understands the connection between the golf swing and body, the elements of the body needing development relative to the golf swing, and the components of a golf fitness program. The final component of understanding is golf fitness training order.

Often times the amateur golfer desires more power (i.e. clubhead speed) in their golf swing. As a result they perform only exercises to enhance the power components within their body. What the amateur golfer fails to realize is developing golf strength, endurance, or power is useless if they do not have the flexibility or balance capacities to execute the golf swing. Developing the body for the golf swing requires the amateur golfer to follow a specific order relative to their training programs.

It is necessary for the amateur golfer to first develop their flexibility for the golf swing. Secondly proceed to increasing their balance capacities in relation to the golf swing. Continue the process with developing strength and endurance for the golf swing. Completing the process with power drills to enhance clubhead speed. This guarantees the effort placed within a golf fitness program will enhance the golfer's swing. It becomes a simple process once the golfer is educated on the relationship between the golf swing and the body. The benefits a golf fitness program has upon the golfer's swing, and how to implement golf fitness exercises correctly.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Improve Your Golf Game

Improve Your Golf Game

Why should you work on improving your golf game? For one,
the next time that you head out onto the green with your
boss you won't feel like a complete fool when he starts
talking about his skills. And, you'll be able to brag to
your buddies about how you came out under par. It can also
help you to enjoy the game more so. Maybe you just need a
little more practice (time to get away Saturday morning from
the wife and kids) or maybe you just need someone to show
you a few techniques to help you get the most out of your
game. Either way, improving your golf game can happen in
just these steps.

* One of the most prolific mistakes that people make in
their golf game is their stance. Because of how important
the way that you stand is, you'll need to make sure that you
have it down perfectly. If this sounds hard, it doesn't
have to be.

* After improving your stance, you need to take the time to
improve your swing and your follow through. When working to
improve your golf game, the follow through of your swing
will ultimately provide you with an accurate shot.

* Another mistake the individuals make yet need to realize
when working to improve their golf game is their use of
clubs. Which is the right one to use when you tee off?
Which should you use to get out of the sand dune? While you
may think you know the answer, you probably don't.

Okay, so these are the things that you should work on to
improve your golf game, but how do you actually do it? What
should you look for? While you can definitely learn from
the web, it often makes more sense to see the difference in
what you are doing and what you should be doing, not just
reading it. For that, you should consider one of several

* First, you can enroll in a few golf courses at your local
golf club. This is the best option because it allows hands
on, personal training. It is also the most expensive.

* Second, you could also take some courses through your
local community center. A good choice and it is less

* You can also work on your golf game by using videos
designed to help you each step of the way. The videos can
be purchased throughout the web and allow you to actually
see the right way to stand and swing your club.

Improving your golf game just got a whole lot easier!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Improve your golf swing

Improve your golf swing

Are you looking for drills to improve your golf swing? If so then you have come to the right place. Here I am going to share with you 2 drills that have helped me reduce my handicap and have more fun playing golf. While it is often hard to tell someone how to swing a golf club, showing them drills can really help speed up the game improvement process.

1. The first drill I am going to teach you is the headcover drill which is used to prevent the flying right elbow in the backswing, and keeps your arms close to your body throughout the golf swing which is a key to accuracy and consistency. First of all you need to get a headcover and tuck it in under your right armpit. You want to keep your right arm close enough to your side in the backswing that the headcover does not come out. This will help your ball striking drastically. This is one of the top drills to improve your golf swing.

2. The second drill that I want you to do is called the shake hands drill. This drill helps you release the golf club and in turn hit the ball further and straighter. What you are going to do is swing back to the top with just your right hand not using a club. When you swing through your hand should be releasing with your body and the right hand should be in a position to shake someone's hand in front of you.

These drills to improve your golf swing should help you to start playing better golf, because it is much easier to learn by feel than to try and listen mechanically how to do something. Drills give you the ability to learn by feel and you will improve much faster.

I know using a combination of drills and a special system I was able to take 5 strokes off of my scores in just a few days!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

improve your golf swing

improve your golf swing

Golf slice affects the game of golf negatively, and is a major obstruction in getting consistent good scores in golf games. Golf fanatics are more often than not, troubled with this curse of slicing the golf ball to unintended places - hitting banana shots without much accuracy.

Not surprisingly, many golfers, no matter new or professionals, are constantly looking for tips to correcting golf slice. No matter how much we try to control, the ball just curves away instead of going straight, and looks like a raging boomerang. If you are one of them, then this is the article for you.

Thanks for opening this article and making time to read. By the end of this article, you will not only have armed yourself with complete knowledge of correcting golf slice, but also how to do it in the most effective and economical way. It will save you a lot of time, which a lot of people waste normally on trying flop ideas and products. But like anything, it will also require some dedication from you. Rest assured you will destroy your slice completely. You will be able to participate in a few local golf tournaments soon, without the demoralizing effect of your slicing problem. So let us not waste time and get some basic and very useful information quickly.

Understanding causes that cause slice

The main reason for slicing the ball is that the club is not flat in touch with the ball at time of impact. There are some basic errors that are responsible for this: Improper grip on the club, improper stance position, and also improper swing. Getting rid of these problems is essential in nice slice free shots.

A few tips to get you started getting better shots

A proper grip will help you eliminate a big percentage of slicing problems. The pressure on the golf club should be neither too much nor too less. Both of which will lead to curved shots.

A proper and relaxed stance, feet shoulder distance apart, both feet are facing directly in front with toes. The elbows and arms are as relaxed as they can be. An unnatural position will cause slicing.

When swinging, follow it correctly, without turning the hands too fast. The speed of body turning and hands motion should match perfectly. It is one of the most crucial factors to correcting golf slice and getting good shots consistently.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Golf fitness exercises

Golf fitness exercises

Golf fitness exercises can be very beneficial in getting you ready for the upcoming golf season. Golf exercises with swing drills can prepare you for a successful year on the links right from the start.

The PGA Golf Tour is in full swing and for many parts of the country and world the golf season is upon us. Many of you are anxious to dust off the golf clubs and get out to the golf course for your first round of golf. A question that may be on your mind is how do I get ready? How do I knock off 6 months of rust on my golf swing, feel comfortable with my driver on the first tee, and post a good golf score at the end of the round?

All questions that are asked often in the world of professional golf and this article will provide you with the answers. Answers to these questions and many more fall under the category of how do I prepare myself for the golf season?

Interesting enough if the guidelines from this article are followed the golf score you post for your first round of the year may be lower than you ever expected, the distance of your drives may well be farther than you imagined, and the number of accurate golf shots you hit may be even more surprising!

The answer to all the questions on how to get ready for the upcoming golf season centers on preparation. Preparation is the key to a successful first round of golf and every round you play in the upcoming golf season.

We all probably understand the definition of preparation but lets take a quick look in order for us to all be on the same page. Preparation can be defined as the work or planning involved in making something or somebody ready or putting something together in advance (Encarta Dictionary,

A definition that sheds light on getting ready for the upcoming golf season. Using the above definition we can see the process of preparing for the upcoming golf season does not begin 10 minutes before your first tee time, but rather in advance of when you get ready to hit driver off the first tee. Bottom line the process of getting ready for the upcoming golf season begins weeks or even months before your' first round of golf of the year.

To have a successful first round of golf and a good season of golf you must begin the process of preparation well in advance of your first time on the golf course. If you look at professional golfers they begin the process of preparing for the upcoming golf season months in advanced. I would suggest doing the same. Develop a plan that will get your golf swing ready once the snow thaws, the birds are chirping, and the greens are ready for putting.

What does such a plan contain? This type of "golf preparation plan" would contain drills, exercises, and programs to improve and prepare every aspect of your golf game. If we break down the game of golf into categories the "golf program" becomes much easier to understand. Obviously, we have the different shots made on the course. A brief breakdown would indicate the need to implement swing drills to work on the full swing, short game, and putting. We could obviously get a little more detailed than a breakdown of the golf game into three different categories, but lets' keep it simple.

Now that we have this breakdown of the game of golf into full swing, short game, and putting the next step is to implement a series of drills to work on each of these aspects. Simply put I would suggest devising a series of drills to work on each part of the golf game/swing. This can easily be accomplished by purchasing a few books or videos from one of the top-teaching professionals in the world of golf.

Each one of these qualified golf instructors have numerous materials available to help you with your golf swing. And if you are one of those individuals that lives in a cold climate and is unable to get to a driving range or practice facility, no need to worry. Most all of the instructional videos/books available have drills that can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

At this point we have a couple of bases covered in the "preparation plan" for the upcoming golf season. We understand preparation is key to a successful year on the golf course, the "preparation plan" begins well in advance of the first tee time of the year, and a portion of the plan consists of swing drills. This brings us to final part of your "preparation plan" for the upcoming golf season.

This part of the plan centers on the implementation of golf fitness exercises to go along with your swing drills. We must understand the concept of your body and the golf swing. The golf swing is executed in its' entirety by your body. In order for your body to execute the golf swing correctly. It requires you to have certain levels of flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power within it. If you are lacking in any one of these physical areas compensations will occur in your golf swing.

It comes down to this: In order to be prepared for the upcoming golf season and to improve your golf swing. The implementation of golf fitness exercises geared towards developing your body around the golf swing is necessary. This type of program will prepare the body for the golf swing and the upcoming golf season.

To summarize, the process of preparing yourself for the upcoming golf season begins with a "preparation plan". This plan begins weeks to months in advance of your first time out on the golf course. Additionally, this "preparation plan" for the upcoming golf season contains a series of golf training drills to prepare your golf swing. The golf training drills break down the golf game into three sections; full swing, short game, and putting. A series of swing drills are implemented to work on each one of these parts of your golf game. In addition golf fitness exercises are implemented into the golf-training program to develop your body around your golf swing. Put all these pieces together and your first time out on the golf course this year should be an enjoyable one.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Improve your golf game

Improve your golf game

Everyone seems to want to improve their golf game and seek out all of the advice that they can find. They read everything they can and mostly get confused in the end. To really improve your golf game you need to concentrate on one aspect at a time and work on that until you prefect that one point. Unfortunately, no one is dedicated enough to actually see it through and work through their frustrations. You will surely have bad rounds while improving your swing and you will get frustrated but if you actually hold out and continue doing the corrections to your swing, you will benefit by them tremendously for the effort. Don't be the golfer that is looking for a band-aid to improve their golf game as they are not really curing the problems but instead treating some of the symptoms.

The golf swing is not something that with a weeks worth of practice can become like a pros, but most golfers think they can do that or possibly just hope they can. During the phase of correcting your swing, you will not be hitting the ball good and your swing will feel very awkward to you. You need to keep practicing it until you develop coordination with the part of your swing that you are attempting to improve.

Most instructors feel that every golfer should pick out one thing in their game to improve. Most golfers don't do that and after approximately 3 years of consistent play they cease to try to improve anything and just continue with what they have learned. Get a good instructor and practice the improvements for at least one full month for each aspect you are trying to improve. Do not forget that you will get frustrated and that is part of the game so you will have to learn to deal with it.

So now you have decided to improve your golf swing and you get a good instructor and he tells you how to improve your backswing, for instance. Make sure that whatever they teach you that you understand it completely. Practice will help you to improve your game but if you are practicing the wrong things you will never improve anything. Ask the instructor if you are actually doing it right and you explain back to him what it is you should be doing so you make sure that what you are practicing is the proper thing.

While you are practicing these tips to improve your golf game, you have to give it a full month on just one small part of the improvement. If you don't change that aspect one at a time, and try to change a lot of things at one time, all you will be doing is not allowing your body and muscles to adjust to the change and everything eventually will go back to the way it started.

Make the decision to change one aspect of your game and you will improve your golf game along with it. This will help you cut down on the frustrations once they are learned and possibly teach you some patience while you are practicing.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

How do I improve my golf game

How do I improve my golf game

Many people ask, "How do I improve my golf game?" And the answer is not always a simple, straightforward one. There are three possible places in which you have the opportunity to improve your game, they are: the short game, the putting game and the power game. Golfing success is mastering the skills to the 'best of one's ability' not becoming the next greatest thing in golf. You are golfing to have fun, not to beat everyone and their brother - although that is a nice perk, having fun is more important and getting your game right is a great beginning.

There are several kinds of shots that strike fear in the golfer, whether it's a fairway bunker play, putting at close range or it could be the drive; sooner or later, there comes a shot that you wish you could skip or someone else could take it for you. For some people, it's the chip shot.

Poor chipping can ratchet up your score every time. It's a heart wrenching thing to watch your ball go happily bouncing on to the green, then suddenly roll across or past the hole and fly down the other side, off the green into the wild blue yonder. Just as annoying is a high-flying chip shot that goes flying past the hole, never even rolling on the real-estate near the hole.

How do you correct this? Well, you can ask anybody and they will have a tip for you. There are a million and one tip on how to correctly execute a chip shot and you could do very well to listen to them. However, there is one tip that is far better than all the rest and it has to do with your hands at the impact of the club and the ball.

If your hands lead the club face through the impact, you will experience a great chip shot each and every time.

How do I improve my golf game? - could be a simple thing as improving your chip shot. Like many shots, move the greater part of your weight to the left foot. Towards the back of the stance is where you want to play the ball, making sure the hands go ahead of the ball. This is so important if you want to control your shots on the golf course. Setting up your hands so that they lead your body through the shot is the most important part of this exercise.

You are trying to hit the ball without scooping it or sliding the club face across the ball. It's a downward strike in which your wrists are not allowed to dominate. The entire success is depended on your hands going before the ball.

This is only one answer to "how can I improve my golf game?" but it's a good answer and will help those who are afraid of the chip shots and with a little, or a lot, of practice, can concur the chip shot and get the ball on the green near the hole, not past it.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Improve your golf swing

Improve your golf swing

I've been playing golf for the past 6 years and have decided to look for products that I feel will improve your golf swing. I know exactly what it is like to play this sport and how much effort we put in to improve your golf swing. So I will be reviewing product offers for different golf products and let you know whether it is worth at least checking it out.

Today I have picked golf swing secrets revealed (The new 4 magic moves) which is a site designed to improve your golf swing. When you go onto the website the first thing you will read is a claim to reduce your handicap by half which I feel is a bold claim. However I know from personal experience that this is possible. I reduced my handicap from 20 to 9 in the space of a year with a lot of hard practice (hours spent down the driving range), and hard earned cash spent on lessons with PGA pro's. However I realise most people haven't got the time or money to, improve your golf swing the same way I did. To improve your golf swing you need something that is affordable and easy to understand so that when you get time to try to improve your golf swing down the range you know exactly what you are aiming to achieve.

I believe you can't go wrong by checking out golf swing secrets revealed. If you decide to visit the site you will find a list explaining how you will go about learning to improve your golf swing. This includes how to how to spot mistakes in your swing before you reach the first tee and how to prevent power leaks which will certainly improve your golf swing. In my opinion though the most tempting part of the offer is entering your name and email (All information kept 100% confidential) and they will send a Free illustrated 60 page PDF Report, 14 min's Video and 19 min's Audio explaining the first of the four magic moves that the pros keep to themselves. You also get free audio tips! Also you get to read an extended version of the offer on how to improve your golf swing which gives you more information on the product itself and people who have tried the product. It also explains that you get 2 months full money back guarantee if you do not improve your golf swing.

The last word: If you want to improve your golf swing but have found it hard going why not try, something fresh and at least give golf secrets revealed a look. What have you got to lose! At worst you will get a free tip on how to improve your golf swing but if you do decide to buy then you will have the 2 months money guarantee to fall back onto. It's a win win situation. Good luck and happy golfing.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Improve your golf swing

Improve your golf swing

With the internet and cable television there are hundreds of ways to improve your golf swing like never before. Simply watching the Golf channel a few hours a week can drastically improve your entire golf game and improve your golf swing from the comfort of your couch. The mental part of golf plays such a huge part in your game, but, in the end you are going to need to work on your golf mechanics.

I have come up with a list of 7 tips to improve your golf swing that you may want to use if you are looking for a way to improve your overall golf game. I would recommend trying these tips at your local driving range and not on the course just yet. You need to get the mechanics down before you wind up hitting the links and getting yourself even more frustrated.

1. I have found that making a video of myself swing can do wonders in the quest to improve your golf swing. You can see yourself in an entirely different way and analyze what you are doing wrong. If a video is not possible, simple practice your swing in front of a large mirror over and over until you can identify the bad habits.
2. Go to your local golf course and see if the local PGA pro offers golf lessons. Try to learn the correct mechanics to improve your golf swing from a professional if possible. This will move the process along much faster and have you breaking 80 in no time at all.
3. One of the best tips I can give and new and old players are guilty of this, but simply, keep your head down. If you can condition yourself not to lift your head through the follow through you will do wonders in the effort to improve your golf swing.
4. Find a second hand blade iron, these irons tend to have very small sweet spots which force you to hit the ball correctly. This club should be used to practice your swing over and over until you hit that spot on a regular basis. One of the greatest things about the blade type club is that if you hit the ball incorrectly, the club will immediately vibrate in your hands, letting you know you have done something wrong.
5. One of the easiest and simplest tips I can give, is practice, practice and more practice. You can not expect to improve your golf swing by hitting the driving range once a month or by watching a few videos on golf techniques. You need to hit that range and practice, or go to the park, and drive that ball around, walk after it and drive it again, over and over.
6. Here is a trick I learned recently, that is extremely powerful. Practice in slow motion. You can see the problem areas in more detail and the process of repeating the action over and over in slow motion will instill the golf swing mechanics into your muscular system. This trick has worked wonders when I show others how to improve your golf swing.
7. Finally, on your next golf outing, take notes, mental notes if possible of the players in your group that have a great swing. Notice the techniques and mechanics they use and mimic them, or even ask them for a little help on the side to master the process.

I hope you enjoyed these 7 tips to improve your golf swing, hopefully my tips will help in a small way. Enjoy the journey and have fun.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

improve your golf swing

improve your golf swing

Spring has arrived, time to get those clubs out of storage and get your swing on!

So, how was your game last year? Did you finish as strong as you hoped? We're you constantly battling with slicing and hooking and keeping the ball in the fairway. If so, then listen up, you're not alone. In fact, I struggled myself. So when somebody comes up with a product that promises to help you improve your game. I'm going to listen.

Here's the thing. There are people out there that are going to tell you that they can improve your golf shot over. That's garbage. There is no chance of anybody improving their swing and shaving shots off their score over night. Not even the PGA professionals. One reason is because you are going to have to completely overhaul your swing, and that is easier said than done.

One of the simpler things you can do is place the ball near the front of your stance. It may seem a bit awkward, but it will help you get the ball off of the ground. There is a downside to this stance however, you may get the ball off of the ground better and lessen your chance of slicing, but you will be losing significant distance.

Also, make sure you are hitting the ball while you are swinging down, not while the club head is coming back up. This will improve the distance of the flight, and also create that cool little divot that the pros always seem to make, without losing distance or damaging your wrists.

These are just a few tips, but there is a guy out there that has created a product that promises to improve your golf swing and shave points off of your score. And at least he is promising 2 weeks. Be warned though, this takes consistent golfing during that two week period. more than likely, you will be required to play once per day to be able to develop the proper skills this product is suggesting. But hey, it's spring, the days are longer, and the grass doesn't need to be mowed yet.

* Note, I am not suggesting your completely shirk all of your responsibilities and play golf everyday for 2 weeks, remember your priorities.

One important thing to remember is to have fun with your golf game. Add that to the skills you can gain from the Golf Guru, and you can improve you Golf Swing, and shave shots off your score before you know it.