Thursday, 13 May 2010

How do I improve my golf game

How do I improve my golf game

Many people ask, "How do I improve my golf game?" And the answer is not always a simple, straightforward one. There are three possible places in which you have the opportunity to improve your game, they are: the short game, the putting game and the power game. Golfing success is mastering the skills to the 'best of one's ability' not becoming the next greatest thing in golf. You are golfing to have fun, not to beat everyone and their brother - although that is a nice perk, having fun is more important and getting your game right is a great beginning.

There are several kinds of shots that strike fear in the golfer, whether it's a fairway bunker play, putting at close range or it could be the drive; sooner or later, there comes a shot that you wish you could skip or someone else could take it for you. For some people, it's the chip shot.

Poor chipping can ratchet up your score every time. It's a heart wrenching thing to watch your ball go happily bouncing on to the green, then suddenly roll across or past the hole and fly down the other side, off the green into the wild blue yonder. Just as annoying is a high-flying chip shot that goes flying past the hole, never even rolling on the real-estate near the hole.

How do you correct this? Well, you can ask anybody and they will have a tip for you. There are a million and one tip on how to correctly execute a chip shot and you could do very well to listen to them. However, there is one tip that is far better than all the rest and it has to do with your hands at the impact of the club and the ball.

If your hands lead the club face through the impact, you will experience a great chip shot each and every time.

How do I improve my golf game? - could be a simple thing as improving your chip shot. Like many shots, move the greater part of your weight to the left foot. Towards the back of the stance is where you want to play the ball, making sure the hands go ahead of the ball. This is so important if you want to control your shots on the golf course. Setting up your hands so that they lead your body through the shot is the most important part of this exercise.

You are trying to hit the ball without scooping it or sliding the club face across the ball. It's a downward strike in which your wrists are not allowed to dominate. The entire success is depended on your hands going before the ball.

This is only one answer to "how can I improve my golf game?" but it's a good answer and will help those who are afraid of the chip shots and with a little, or a lot, of practice, can concur the chip shot and get the ball on the green near the hole, not past it.

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