Friday, 21 May 2010

Improve your golf swing

Improve your golf swing

Are you looking for drills to improve your golf swing? If so then you have come to the right place. Here I am going to share with you 2 drills that have helped me reduce my handicap and have more fun playing golf. While it is often hard to tell someone how to swing a golf club, showing them drills can really help speed up the game improvement process.

1. The first drill I am going to teach you is the headcover drill which is used to prevent the flying right elbow in the backswing, and keeps your arms close to your body throughout the golf swing which is a key to accuracy and consistency. First of all you need to get a headcover and tuck it in under your right armpit. You want to keep your right arm close enough to your side in the backswing that the headcover does not come out. This will help your ball striking drastically. This is one of the top drills to improve your golf swing.

2. The second drill that I want you to do is called the shake hands drill. This drill helps you release the golf club and in turn hit the ball further and straighter. What you are going to do is swing back to the top with just your right hand not using a club. When you swing through your hand should be releasing with your body and the right hand should be in a position to shake someone's hand in front of you.

These drills to improve your golf swing should help you to start playing better golf, because it is much easier to learn by feel than to try and listen mechanically how to do something. Drills give you the ability to learn by feel and you will improve much faster.

I know using a combination of drills and a special system I was able to take 5 strokes off of my scores in just a few days!

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