Saturday, 8 May 2010

improve your golf swing

improve your golf swing

Spring has arrived, time to get those clubs out of storage and get your swing on!

So, how was your game last year? Did you finish as strong as you hoped? We're you constantly battling with slicing and hooking and keeping the ball in the fairway. If so, then listen up, you're not alone. In fact, I struggled myself. So when somebody comes up with a product that promises to help you improve your game. I'm going to listen.

Here's the thing. There are people out there that are going to tell you that they can improve your golf shot over. That's garbage. There is no chance of anybody improving their swing and shaving shots off their score over night. Not even the PGA professionals. One reason is because you are going to have to completely overhaul your swing, and that is easier said than done.

One of the simpler things you can do is place the ball near the front of your stance. It may seem a bit awkward, but it will help you get the ball off of the ground. There is a downside to this stance however, you may get the ball off of the ground better and lessen your chance of slicing, but you will be losing significant distance.

Also, make sure you are hitting the ball while you are swinging down, not while the club head is coming back up. This will improve the distance of the flight, and also create that cool little divot that the pros always seem to make, without losing distance or damaging your wrists.

These are just a few tips, but there is a guy out there that has created a product that promises to improve your golf swing and shave points off of your score. And at least he is promising 2 weeks. Be warned though, this takes consistent golfing during that two week period. more than likely, you will be required to play once per day to be able to develop the proper skills this product is suggesting. But hey, it's spring, the days are longer, and the grass doesn't need to be mowed yet.

* Note, I am not suggesting your completely shirk all of your responsibilities and play golf everyday for 2 weeks, remember your priorities.

One important thing to remember is to have fun with your golf game. Add that to the skills you can gain from the Golf Guru, and you can improve you Golf Swing, and shave shots off your score before you know it.

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